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Upcoming talks

25 November 2021

Dr Sarah Richardson

A Systematic Review of all-cause presentations to low-income and low-middle income EDs

2 December 2021

David Birrell

Setting up a Rwandan in-hospital cardiac arrest registry

9 December 2021

Andrew Ferguson

The MIS ABC sepsis study

16 December 2021

Dr Neeraj Dhaun

Acute Renal Research

23/30 December 2021

Christmas break

6 January 2022


13 January 2022


Previous talks

18 November 2021

Sara Raza

RCEM Undergraduate Prize winner 2021 – The influence of culture on the gender disparity in cardiopulmonary resuscitation rates between male and female patients from the South Asian community in Scotland.

11 November 2021

Aimun Jamjoom

Concussion in the ED: The Head-On study

4 November 2021

Atul Anand & Amy Ferry

The Historic Trial

28 October 2021

Sanjita Brito-Mutunayagam


21 October 2021

Fiona McCurrach

EMERGE in the pandemic

14 October 2021

An EMERGE short

Richard Bigger & Aidan McIvor – Implementation of a syncope pathway


7 October 2021

Rachel O’Brien

RAPID-CTCA: The results

30 September 2021

Elena Callisto

The clinical effectiveness of the STUMBL score for the ED blunt chest trauma

23 September 2021

Susie Roy

An Introduction to Qualitative Research

16 September 2021

Ken Lee


9 September 2021

Will Whitley


2 September 2021

Rory Anderson

The SHED study

26 August 2021

Paul Brennan

The DENS study