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Fraser Craig

Fraser Craig

Clinical Trial Assistant

Before working in the emergency department , I worked over 20 years in the care sector. This allowed me to support adults and young people who had learning difficulties and mental health problems, along with supporting a patient who had an acquired brain injury, on a one-to-one basis.

I then moved onto working in the emergency department where I gained more clinical skills which worked well with my support skills. I loved working in the ED. It was my first real team experience, as previously I was frequently a lone worker, and I thrived on the fact that the whole department could not survive without each other; from the domestics to the consultants- we all worked together!

I started with EMERGE on April fools day 2019! I am overwhelmed by the “team” feeling- this is by far the most exciting and dynamic crew I have ever joined! My hope is to redefine myself in EMERGE and become a valued member of an amazing team.