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Claire Cheyne

Claire Cheyne

Senior Research Nurse

I’ve been nursing for 18 years, the first half of my career spent in orthopaedic trauma and vascular surgery in the old Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. It was a challenging and an enormous learning curve to say the least!

In 2006 I travelled the world working as a nurse in Australia to fund my adventure, and returned home to Scotland! I was lucky enough to gain employment within the emergency department in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh for around 9 years. During that time I got married, had two children, and worked in community nursing for a short while. Now I work on the staff bank in a variety of specialities but mainly within the emergency department and with the wonderful EMERGE research team.

I am new to research and I’m loving the challenges it brings, the vast amount there is yet to learn and being part of something that will have a positive influence on the delivery of patient care.