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Dr Scott James

Academic Foundation Doctor and Honorary Clinical Fellow

Research Interests:
Physiology of pre-hospital critical care and team interactions. Non-technical skills and cognitive load.
Dr Scott James

Scott James is an Academic Foundation Doctor within the South East Scotland Deanery and an Honorary Clinical Fellow at the University of Edinburgh. Scott went to medical school in Edinburgh and has been actively involved with EMERGE and then the RRG from and early stage in his undergraduate training.

He initially undertook a project looking at the caller and call-handler interactions of 999 cardiac arrest calls and the holds ups to commencing bystander CPR. Other projects and interests include video analysis of pre-hospital resuscitation technical and non-technical skills, EEG and cognitive load and the interface between pre-hospital providers and the Emergency Department.
He regularly undertakes ride along shifts with the 3RU paramedics and is involved in their on-going programme of education.
Outside of medical training he can usually be found on his bike, in the hills or in the water. Hopefully not all three at once.


Publications & Presentations
1. Clegg GR, Lyon RM, James S, Branigan HP, Bard EG, Egan GJ. Dispatch-assisted CPR: Where are the hold-ups during calls to emergency dispatchers? A preliminary analysis of caller–dispatcher interactions during out-of-hospital cardiac arrest using a novel call transcription technique. Resuscitation 2014;85:49–52
2. Clegg GR, James SA, Bard E, Branigan HP, Lyon RM. Analysis of 999 calls after cardiac arrest to determine factors influencing time to bystander CPR. Poster Presentation at the European Resuscitation Council Congress 2012, Vienna
3. James S, Duerden S, Tan E, Ah-See K, Littler S, Hale D, Wastnedge E, Vundum J, Hakim S, Everingham K, Wilson E; Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional: improving pain assessment in the critically ill. – Poster Presentation at the Scottish Intensive Care Sociaty Annual Meeting, January 2011
4. James SA, Clarke S, Lyon R, Clegg GR. Analysis of cardiac arrest resource allocation in Edinburgh between April 2011 and June 2012. Recommendations for developing a resource allocation protocol for cardiac arrest 999 calls. Poster presentation at the College of Emergency Medicine Scottish Conference 2013
5. Pascoe C, James S, Smith C, Warner M, Weaver A, Lockey D. What UK pre-hospital providers use intranasal analgesia? A survey of its current and planned use by air ambulance services in the United Kingdom. Poster presentation at The London Trauma Conference 2013

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