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Paul Gowens

Consultant Paramedic & Health Foundation GenerationQ Fellow

Research Interests:
Prehospital Care. Leadership. Quality Improvement
Paul Gowens

Paul has been involved in pre hospital resuscitation in Edinburgh, man and boy, for over 20 years and been involved in facilitating the work of the RRG since the original TOPCAT days…

He is currently a Health Foundation, GenerationQ, Leadership Fellow and has recently completed the MSc in Leadership programme at Ashridge Business School.

He is currently undertaking a secondment to the Scottish Government, Health and Social Care Directorate  as a national clinical advisor with a wide portfolio including, out of hospital cardiac arrest and major trauma systems.

Paul has over twenty five years of experience within the Scottish Ambulance Service and has fulfilled a number of key roles from a HEMS paramedic through to his current strategic role at Scottish Government.

Key Publications

Survey of Scottish Emergency Department’s ability to provide physician-based pre-hospital critical care. Donnald M., Egan G., Gowens P., Simpson K., Newton A.

PUNTO DE VISTA De técnico de transporte sanitario (TTS) a técnico de emergencias sanitarias (TES) (6): la experiencia en el Reino Unido Gowens P, Gray A.

EMS crews’ attitudes towards working with pre-hospital medical staff at out-of-hospital cardiac arrest scenes. Lyon R.M., Gowens P., Egan G., Andrews P.J., Clegg G.R. Embase Resuscitation. Conference: 10th Scientific Congress of the European Resuscitation Council Porto Portugal. Conference Start: 20101202 Conference End: 20101204. Conference Publication: (var.pagings). 81 (2 SUPPL. 1) (pp S86), 2010. Date of Publication: December 2010

Issues around conducting pre-hospital research on out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: lessons from the TOPCAT study. Richard M Lyon, Gerry Egan, Paul Gowens, et al. Emerg Med J 2010 27: 637-638 originally published online May 29, 2010. Resuscitation quality assurance for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest–Setting-up an ambulance defibrillator telemetry network. R.M. Lyon, S.Clarke, P.Gowens, G.Egan, G.R.Clegg. Resuscitation 2010

Survival from accidental strangulation from a scarf resulting in laryngeal rupture and carotid artery stenosis: the “Isadora Duncan syndrome”. A case report and review of literature. P A Gowens, R J Davenport, J Kerr, R J Sanderson, A K Marsden Emerg Med J 2003;20:391-393 doi:10.1136/emj.20.4.391

 Validation of the National Early Warning Score in the pre-hospital setting. Silcock DJ, Corfield AR, Gowens PA, Rooney KD. Resuscitation. 2015 Jan 9;89C:31-35. doi: 10.1016/j.resuscitation.2014.12.029.


Key Conference Presentations

Faculty of Pre-hospital Care Scientific Conference 24th Nov 2009 “Informed Continuous Education on Cardiac Arrest for Ambulance Personnel” awarded the prestigious Emergency Medicine Journal prize for best research at conference

Emergency Medical Retrieval Conference 20th April 2010 “Serious Incidents and Root Cause Analysis”

Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh Consensus Meeting – 8th March 2012 “Spinal and Pelvic Management in Pre-hospital Care – A Way Forward”

Paramedics Australasia International Conference Oct 2013 “Patient Safety Programme in Pre Hospital Care”

Australian Pre-hospital Emergency Health Research Forum (APEHRF) Oct 2013 “Pre Hospital Sepsis”

IPS Implementation Learning Laboratories Launch Event, Birmingham, December 2014, “National Quality, Safety and Infection prevention across the UK and Ireland”

Patient Safety Congress, Liverpool, June 2014, “Setting up a telemetry network: Lessons from Scotland’s Ambulance Service in improving quality and patient safety for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, and the future”

Medic One Resuscitation Academy, Seattle, October 2014, “Mission: Film Recording”

Scandinavian Cardiac Arrest Symposium, Helsinki, November 2015 “Scotland’s journey in tackling out of hospital cardiac arrest and the implementation od the ERC 2015 guidelines”.