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Mary Morrissey

Senior Research Nurse

Research Interests:
Emergency Medicine, Public Health, Toxicology and Global Health.
BN with Honours
Mary Morrissey

I graduated from the University of Edinburgh and began my nursing career in the Scottish Liver Transplant Unit in the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh where I rotated between the ward and HDU learning valuable skills and developing my knowledge.

I then went on to work in General Surgical HDU in the Western General to further expand my HDU skills. It was here I first became involved in research working with the ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) research nurse. I developed a keen interest in research which led me to applying for a job in the Clinical Research Facility at the RIE.
This interest sparked a passion and I enjoyed working at the CRF so much I stayed for 3.5 years. I gained a first-rate experience of working in a Phase 1 accredited research facility on commercial and academic trials as well as Phase1 trials. I always enjoyed working on fast pace, high intensity studies and so I felt a move to EMERGE would be an exciting and challenging opportunity!
I am very much looking forward to starting a MSc in Public Health in Sept 2017 part time. This is an area of interest of mine and I feel it will be highly beneficial to my current role and future career.
I’m happy to be part of a dynamic and influential team leading the way in emergency medicine research.


SNAP40 Study

Detection of physiological deterioration by the SNAP40 wearable device compared to standard monitoring devices in the Emergency Department

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SNAP40 Study

Evaluating the role of ambulatory, wireless vital sign monitoring in the detection of deterioration