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Ernisa Marz

PhD Student

Research Interests:
Linguistics and Specifically Studying Paramedic Communication
Ernisa Marz

I’m a PhD student from the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences, Uni of Edinburgh. I study linguistics, although, to be more precise, I’m more of an applied linguist than a linguist…

My current research is on paramedic communication during out-of-hospital resuscitation. I get redacted real-life videos from Gareth and listen to them, and transcribe them (as best as I could), i.e. write down what I hear as specifically as possible. I then segment the dialogues and code each using a linguistic coding scheme that we developed for the study. By examining these segmented dialogues, I aim to find verbal patterns that we can correlate with other constructs, like non-technical skill scores and expertise level. If we can distinguish best practices from these real-life videos, perhaps we can use them in paramedic training to optimise resuscitation procedure (hopefully). At the moment, we are only looking at the first five minutes of the videos.

Anyway, because this research is interdisciplinary, I find myself both in RRG and in Linguistics! I love both so I have no problems with that. What else… I’m in my third year, I’m hoping to continue this research even after my PhD is completed, I’m no good at speaking Scottish English but have learned a lot during my video transcriptions, I believe that linguistic theories can contribute to the optimisation of medical procedures…that’s all I have for now. Let me know if there’s something else you’d like to know.