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Festive cheer!

By December 24, 2015No Comments

The EMERGE Team would like to wish you all a very happy and healthy Christmas and festive season.

2015 has been a year of growth and change for EMERGE, and with that has come extensive research output and achievement. It has been a challenging year where we have all been pushed to think harder, to understand better and to engage with each other more effectively. We have continued with our pre-existing research collaborations, and have developed some new and exciting relationships especially with the AMU and RHSC teams amongst others.

For 2016, we are looking forward to more conferences and events supporting, sharing and promoting our research activity. Our team will be taking on some new and challenging projects – already we have a rack of studies in planning that will start early in the year. The variety of work, and our capacity as a team is growing – exciting and innovative work is coming through.
But for now, this is a time to reflect on times past, friendships made and achievements that we hope, benefit us all.

Merry Christmas To You All.


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