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If you are new to research or just looking for some inspiration, here we have a selection of resources and advice on conducting emergency medicine research.

Relevant Courses

Good Clinical Practice

Having a valid Good Clinical Practice (GCP) certificate is an essential part of being a research. Through this we determine how to ethically design and implement a study, and how collect good quality data.

In Edinburgh we can recommend the Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facilitie’s one day GCP course which provides you with a valid GCP certificate for 2 years; more information here.

If you are not local to Edinburgh and would like to complete a GCP course, we recommend the RCEM online GCP course which will provide you with a certificate valid for 1 year: more information here.

Informed Consent

Ensuring that potential participants are appropriately  consented is essential to ethically conducting research. There can be a variety of versions of consent; from the participant themselves, a relative, and a professional/legal representative, for example. To learn more about how to introduce a study to a patient, ensure that they are informed about what the study entails and fully consent to studies, we would recommend the Informed Consent courses run by the Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility. Find out more on this link.

Acute Care Edinburgh

To view the Acute Care Edinburgh Programme taking place at the Chancellor’s Building, click here

Edinburgh Critical Care Research Methods Course

Edinburgh Critical Care Research Methods Course 2022 ( is a two day course consisting of a comprehensive series of lectures and workshops designed for clinicians and researchers who are seeking to improve their understanding of key research methods with a focus on the acute health care setting. The course covers research methodologies required to critically appraise and to conduct clinical research. There is a strong focus on group work and interactive sessions.
The course is of particular relevance to clinicians, trainees, AHPs and researchers in critical care, emergency medicine, acute medical specialities and anaesthesia. The course will provisionally take place on Mon/Tue 7 and 8 Nov 2022 after a two year hiatus. We plan to offer this in person to maximise the networking opportunities and interactivity that delegates have consistently highlighted as a strength of the course. The venue will be the Chancellor’s Building on the Little France site.

Edinburgh Clinical Research Facility Education Programme

The Edinburgh CRF deliver an extensive multi-professional programme of education. Click here for more information.

Edinburgh Clinical Trials Management Course

An introduction to the management of randomised control trials (RCTS). Click here for more information.

Relevant Research Events


The Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) run a series of study days and conferences. Click here for more information.

There are two Scottish RCEM meetings a year. One focussed on research and one on policy. Click here for more information.

International meetings (click for more information)

EUSEM annual congress

American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP)

Society of Academic Emergency Medicine (US) SAEM